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By Peter
I was here a little while ago asking questions about my girlfriends shower, which is falling apart on account of having plastic handles which quickly get clapped out and fall off. Can the expert plumbers here please recommend the best replacement shower to buy and install? I'm thinking of the VW Beetle of showers, with metal knobs and a generally robust construction. No plastic tat. A sensible price would be good too, all suggestions appreciated. Just send me links to what you think is best and why. Cheers.
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hi Peter and thanks for reposting.
personaly my merchant sells 'Bristan' bar mixer to replace that. its all brass and made in Buxton.
That gives easy access to all parts when required and they even 'sometimes' send them free.
They also only cost about £50-70 which is rather cheap for a top brand compared to the high priced tat they sell in sheds.
unfortunatly, i cannot give you a ref number for the item, but if you go to a decent merchant i'm sure they will have some.

update: this is a very good price-
not sure if its the same model but looks simular- easy fir and 5 year warranty cant go wrong!
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By Best
+1 for the above advice.
£60 is nothing for brand new shower and hope it lasts a few years. Absolute bargain.
Just proves some cheap items are better.

Bar shower valves often tend to be the more inferior product, which is reflected in their low cost.
They really only work well on high pressure supplies, (combi boiler systems, or pumped supplies, etc.) to which they are perfect.
I opt for the much more expensive single cartridge dual control showers like Mira do, such as Excel model, which tend to last very long, but £100s

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