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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
By Incorrecttool
I want to isolate the boiler flow/return in the belief it will allow me to remove a rad valve without too much of a deluge. The valves look alien to me and poking with a flat head screwdriver has already damaged the soft metal.
It's an elongated octagon with a slot. There is a protusion at the head and tail which will stop the valve turning completely. There is a hole in the middle which I'm undecided if it could take a hex key.
What is this valve, is it safe to turn, what tool should I use to minimise damage, how much should I turn it (it looks like a quarter turn should do).
By Incorrecttool
yes of course an image would be useful, my apologies.

As you can see, I've damaged it slightly already using a flathead screwdriver. I'm cautious about sticking anything else in there. The reason I have to change a rad valve in the first place is due to ruining it when closing it off once!

Thanks for taking a look, much appreciated :)

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