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By Des1984
Hi folks, Firstly I'm on a water well with a tank in my garden, I'm new to this and don't really know much about how it works.
Anyway I have an electric shower which runs directly from this tank with a pump fitted before the shower to boost the pressure. The shower works with pretty poor pressure but when you turn the temp below 5 the low pressure light comes on and the shower goes freezing cold. When you turn the temp up the light goes off and it goes boiling hot.
Any ideas of what's wrong??
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first thing to eliminate is the shower hose and head, try it with another if you can loan one.
a simple collapse of the rubber hose or blocking of the head can cause this.

next, take off the head and run into a measure and time it for flow per minute, then work out the same with a basin tap and tell us the shower make and pump capacity.
then check for isolation valves.

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