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To all reading, I need any help I can get. A handyman fitted a brand new Triton electric shower yesterday (5th January 2020) and after fitting he ran the shower and we had hot and cold water coming out. He then left and on that same evening my partner ran the shower and there was no hot water. After reading the instruction manuals we rotated the temperature control dial back and forth to remove any potential air bubbles and closed the stopcock slightly and got hot water. This was all whilst the power sector dial was on 'High'. This morning (6th January 2020) I ran the shower and out came freezing cold water even though the settings n the shower hadn't changed from the previous evening nor the position of the stopcock. I thought the reason behind this may have been lots of people using water in the morning, pressure drops so I opened the stopcock and got hot water on the same settings. However, if I changed the power selector from 'high' to 'economy' and cranked the temperature to max I lost the hot water.

This afternoon my partner ran the shower and you guessed it, freezing cold water again until she ran the hot water bath tap and hot water then came out of the shower head. This evening I have tried running a shower to test if it was still malfunctioning and it is. Every time I turn the shower head off it doesn't matter if I wait 5,10,15, or 20mins before turning the shower back on, I have to go downstairs change the position of the stopcock until I get a decent water temperature, only when the shower is on the 'high' setting. There is no constant hot water on any stopcock position or shower setting, when I run the cold tap for the bath and turn that off the water temperature becomes scorching ht and altering the temperature control doesn't reduce the scolding hot water until it then just turns to freezing cold (probably the heating elements cutting out due to the temp being too high).

I know very little about any of this stuff and DIY so any help is much appreciated no matter how insignificant you may feel it is. From just the basics I am certain that the shower fitted is fine and working and that through the various troubleshooting methods there is a water pressure issue, which I assume is that the pressure is too high and the flow rate too fast for the heating element in the shower block to warm the water up before being expelled out the shower head. Juts an FYI, it is mains fed there is no tank or pump installed in our house.

I've asked the guy who installed if he knows what is wrong but does not know and has advised me to contact Triton customer service. I was just wondering if anyone here might be able to provide more insightful and quicker advice than a customer service operator.

Thank you for your help in advance!

what wattage is the shower? i have one of those (8.5kw) 2 o'clock position on high in this weather is required for me.
A 10'5kw unit will handle greater flow better if you have 10mm2 cable supply!

you need to run the kitchen tap full on then turn down the mains stopcock until it alters the flow to an 'adequate flow rate' to fill the kettle. then go to shower and turn that iso valve down a bit untill shower flow alters minutely. then go back to mains stopcock and open 1/4 turn.
in my area we have 5 bar standing pressure great for hose pipe but killer for taps etc.
incidently the 'high' is for winter use. you willnotice the difference on 'low' in the summer :lol:

next: set shower to cold then get a 1ltr measuring jug and time the fill rate then refer to manufacturers data for that shower.
iirc its 3.5ltr a minute for 8.5kw t80 thats 1 litre in 17 seconds with shower head attached at max flow

Apparently, i am an approved triton installer :D :lol:
yes, you need 3.5lt per minute (5 max) through shower head, otherwise water will just shoot past heater element with little rise.
personally, i think the t80 is a bit under performing compared to my old gainsborough 8.5kw!
Howevr, should think its a water saver thingy incorperated.
Also, the shower head has a large impact to the flow and temp too depends on how it restrict water flow!!!

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