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By Kevin
Hi Peeps

I just joined because I got a bit of a head scratcher. We have just had a wet room installed. My wife did not like the corner sink (long story - lies about availability etc). Any way - the plumber agreed to change the sink if we buy one... no problem. So we ordered a lovely sink and he came round to fit it. Then we hit the problem. This is a corner sink. One wall is solid outside brickwork - the other plaster board. This corner sink only had mounting holes on one of the straight sides (two holes on the right hand side). There is no way the plaster wall will hold the weight of the sink and the plumber also said he had never seen a corner sink that didn't have one mounting hole on each straight edge.

So is the plumber (and common sense as I see it) right and corner sinks should have one hole on each side

If not

How are you supposed to mount the sink when you only have mounting on a plasterboard wall (we cannot get access to the back of it to re-enforce - that is simply not an option due to a boiler being closet to it).
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cut mounting hole out of basin with diamond core. or you can use para bolts into palsterboard or cut 2'' x 4'' slot in p/board spin it and screw. basin covers slot. then glue basin to walls with silicone.
Wouldnt defeat me installing it.
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