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By emmajackt
Hi, I have a Spa/Whirlpool bath and the on/off switch is letting water in from the top of the chrome switch. There is only a slight gap as can be seen in the first picture, but when showering, water gets into the switch and then comes out of the two small holes in the bottom of the switch, as can be seen in picture 2 and onto my bathroom floor. I cannot for the life of me think how to solve the problem. I thought of putting sealant into the two small holes and blocking them, but ii looks like they are there to prevent water getting into the air pipe, which attaches to the bottom. If anyone has any ideas, I would be most grateful. I have also attached a picture of the inside of the switch. Kind regards, Kev.
air button inside.jpg
air button inside.jpg (33.34KiB)Viewed 4843 times
air button bottom.jpg
air button bottom.jpg (30KiB)Viewed 4843 times
air button top.jpg
air button top.jpg (34.87KiB)Viewed 4843 times
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