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By jmc
I have an ideal standard toilet frame that I was given at the end of a job. I'd like to use it in a cloak room in my house but am worried my kids will use a wall hung toilet like a diving board. Hence why I'm asking if I can set the flush pipe to the height of my the pan I'm getting and just bringing the waste pipe out at the required height.
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are you worried about the kids hurting themselves or the toilet getting broke?
picture it as if you were 20 stone, combine that with the kids weight.
All depends on how its situted and fixed really.
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same as any toilet installation. fit as 100% to withstand 200lb person.
will only be as good as the install.
you will need a sweeping flush pipe and no elbows same with waste for correct flow. also can always add a pillar supprt to the pan.
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