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By ric1982

I am new to this forum so please bare with me. My apologies if its in wrong section.

I was wondering if someone can help identify the drain type at the back of the house (in garden).

Does it looks like foul or rain water drain? In one picture you can see there is a rodding point (black squre cover) which goes to foul drain. Does it mean this one is rain water?
The pipe work in under the building.

The black pipe is from roof gutter while the gray one is from kitchen. (which makes it difficult to judge for me)

There are no mention of this drain opening in the architect drawings.

Just looked into the records for drainage and water search and it says following:
1. Surface Water sewer - Connected
2. Record indicate that surface water from property drain to public sewer

Does anyone knows what it mean?

Is it that surface water (rain water) goes into sewer (i.e. foul drain)?

The reason for post is that I need to know if I can drain garden's rainwater into drain shown in the picture.


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hi and welcome,
i am mainly gas worker myself but as i understand, you can put grey down black but not the otherway.
i think you will be fine but make provision so no to block it up.
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