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By Pestle
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Hi new to the forum , doing an extension to the rear and side of my property , couple of questions regarding drainage etc , first of all I need to move my soil stack about 6 ft to the right of its location , under manhole shows a different pipe which goes under house to downstairs toilet I was thinking of cutting pipe and adding a Y joiner piece and teeing off that for new stack location then getting rid of existing pipe etc if that makes sense I’ll add photo for my idea thanks rob
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By Craig0787
I cant see the photo so cant see what your intention is, but if your building an extension, your building control officer will be able to tell you how he/she wants the drainage doing. My understanding was that all drains should lead independently back to the manhole so they are rodable in the event of a blockage. Due to this your plan of using a y joiner will not be allowed and instead a mini access chamber will likely be the preferred method for the connection.
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By Best
The problems you will have to just tee off where you suggest is although it will work, you then will have a junction that has no access to.
Also building control will not approve it, but you should really be contacting them first.
Ideally you require a new man hole either to replace existing in your photo, or dig and install a new man hole where new sewer pipe connection goes at existing pipe further on

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