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dig around clay pipe and use angle grinder to take out a section.
if your lucky you may have use of a pipe cutter chain.
the slip branch with the aid of soap, then slides in,
By joni os
Inserting a branch fitting with neoprene pipe couplers is now the approved method of our local water authority,even when size of main pipe would previously have allowed saddle connection.
Unless I'm up to my ankles in water a 9" electric grinder will usually suffice, albeit necessary to remove top section of pipe to complete cut. For old salt glazed with cement joints I prefer to cut out the collar as this allows greater choice of where to make final connection. Old SG pipes often thicken near to collar. The advantage of neoprene couplers is the pipe need not be truely round to make a satisfactory connection and if you ever come across a pitch fibre public sewer this is essential.
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By Best
Old way was dig around and below clay sewer pipe roughly in a square or rectangular shape and put concrete in to fill up the hole to approximately centre of pipe. Then cut a piece out of top of clay pipe with an angle grinder and build walls up from concrete for a square or rectangular manhole. Slope around the sewer pipe opening with sand and cement and try to angle the new sewer pipe downwards and as close as possible to inline with old sewer, (using a final bend if needed).
Did a good job if done right, but a lot of bother compared to plastic manholes now. Not sure if still permissible to do it the old way

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