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(just for laughs)
By Glennyboy1982
Just had some plumbing work done in my house. The plumber told me he only does 110%. He does not cut corners. I lifted a floorboard upstairs as a spotlight wasn't going up to the ceiling and found this. Want some plumbers opinion on their work.
IMG_20191022_3116.jpg (30.62KiB)Viewed 10050 times
IMG_20191022_6876.jpg (31.38KiB)Viewed 10050 times
IMG_20191022_5369.jpg (32.42KiB)Viewed 10050 times
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RPM wrote:
October 22nd, 2019, 5:11 pm
Ok it may not of been him but those notches look rough.
yes, that top notch has severlet weakend the structure of the floor. iy must have at least halved the specified load rating! :shock:
when in doubt, put 22mm lagging on 10mm pipe :lol:

NOW, to the subject- any good?
Depends on how much you paid and to whom! it looks like a bottom budget buiders mate easy fix using plastic push fit. Plastic is fair but needs doing properly IE fully supported preventing sagging & transition to other brand plastics should be done with copper pipe or adapters. i also Question if he even used inserts!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? :o :shock:
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i also count 20+ joints in there: i would put the odds down to leaks as:

copper- 1 in 50
plastic 1 in 10

& laying on that wiring :!:
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