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By socialtraders
Hi all,

Purchased a 1930s property that my wife and 3 kids are renovating, most of it I've undertaken but getting the professionals in for some work.

I'll be frank and hopefully I won't be lynched for this, but I'm joining to see if I can get some feedback from some of you to see if there is a market for someone to manage social media for plumbers/ bathroom fitters / kitchen fitters etc

I came up with the concept earlier on this year when a number of trades people have been working on our property all said the same thing about social media. Don't understand it, dont get it, dont need it etc.

I have been furloughed and thought now would be the perfect time to look into setting this up to see if it would be viable.

The concept would be to manage your social media channels, post images, videos, how to videos, adverts etc

I'd love to hear any feedback if possible.

Thanks for your time
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Lee & one or two others like their social 'look at me' stuf. but personally i dont, i hate faceblock/whosapp/twatter/ & all the other profilers. i dont advertise, i dont answer the phone, i dont want to talk to people anymore- just want a text where to go & what to do think of a price and invoice it!
however its kind to offer a free service to help people at this time.

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