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By YorkshireDave
Hi, I'm David and, for my sins I'm a relocated Southerner at home in the seventh level of Hell.

A 'wet' plumber (never been interested in gas) I built my business delivering the best service I could to customers over 55. I chose Ithat market cos they know what they want and don't mind paying a decent price so I can do the job I want to do and not have to shortcut.

G3 for years and love putting things right ... Trust me I'm busy ;)

Two years ago I invented TapMedic in response to people being ripped off by tap manufacturers but us plumbers copping all the blame cos we're the idiots that have to give people the bad news. It's safe to say I now know a lot more about taps than I knew even existed. It's genuinely full of science but once explained its all so simple too - till you get to the fluid dynamics and sealing :? :? :?

If ANYONE has any problems with tap related issues, still much I don't know, then please ask. ALWAYS happy to help.
I'm on twitter (@TapMedic) too.

Look forward to the banter and downright cynicism of the infamous and much maligned British plumbing community...

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