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By Mr C
Hi all, new to the site, and wondering if any one could help me out with a bit of previous experiences.....I'm a multitradesman and I have quite a variety of skills and knowledge but I've been stumped with a recent issue of a toilet that keeps leaking water back into the pan. After flushing the toilet and the cistern refills just when you think it's nearly full and stops, it doesn't and it trickles water back into the pan, I've reduce the flow of the iso valve because sometimes that can cause the problem, that didn't work and still trickled back, I removed the cistern to find that at the bottom of it there was a huge amount of loose limescale particles, I would say roughly that the amount that was there would have easily filled half a tea mug up...i removed the fill valve and float and cleaned the rubber seals and then refitted them, and then after flushing again to check its still leaked back into the pan, after removing the cistern again there was the same amount of limescale back in the cistern! The property is a ground floor flat and I know it has a megaflow hot water system, which has its own tank, would there be a mains cold water tank that could possibly be the source of this loose limescale or would it be the mains water supply to the building? Has anyone got any suggestions how to either filter the water to catch the limescale before it goes into the cistern ( if there is one) or would the pipe work have to be flushed/jetted from the mains? Any info would be greatly appreciated . Thanks all. Callum
i take it that its this type of flush valve? ... lve/p65429

never waste time trying to fix the cause of a dribbling pan fill with these as it wont happen, go straight out and get a new sealing rubber (the bit at the bottom that stops the water in the cistern). if you cant just find the replacement rubber then buy an identical flush valve and change the whole head.
now, any lime scale will just be flushed out the cistern so you now have half the problem sorted.
you could try milton tablets and an open end flush out, but to be honest -cant really say without seeing the layout or pics!

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