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By Stebbo
Hi all,
I've just been finding my way around the forum and have to say how friendly everybody seems to be. I was nervous about joining as I thought DIYers might be frowned upon. So far so good. Thanks for all the help.
I did post in the introduce yourself section but it hasn't appeared ! Did I say something wrong ?
Lastly, what do I have to do to qualify to read the "underfloor heating" section ? This is of particular interest to me as I have a 33 year old system (Flo Rad) that never worked very well from the start and now several of the zones have had to be shut down because the pipes are brittle and have snapped. And needless to say none of the new systems are compatible with the old sizes of pipes or fittings ! 33years ago there were only two systems on the market and the other one was Wirsbo, which the plumber refused to use because it wasn't English !!

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