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By Loccen
Good evening everyone, hope you are all well.

Just a little background info, I have very little knowledge in this area so forgive the possible stupid question.

I have a Lecico sink in my bathroom and the pop up plug has failed. I have tried to replace this with no real success. The issue is the "screw" part that joins with the actual plug. From what I have read, M16 seems to be the only size but it's too small. The opening where the thread needs to contact is a 20mm. Would anyone have any idea if there is a pop up plug in existence that would fit this? And if so what size?

I can't remove the actual waste pipe due to the sink being bolted to the wall and sealed which rests on the pedestal, which, conveniently, has a lip to prevent you from moving it out.

Many thanks in advance if anyone can help me.
By Loccen
Hello both, thank you for your quick replies!

Ok, I have added some pictures. I managed to get my hand with the phone behind the sink and took an extra picture here. I have no idea how they have managed to plumb the sink in and tighten that back part without having full access to it. Anyway, the main reason to have the pop plug is more for aesthetics rather than function. I also have to try and find a way to fix that nasty chip as well!

Many thanks,
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simple solution considering the damage and work required to replace...eventually just for brushing ones teeth!
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