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By totallytech
Hi all,
I’ve got a minor issue - I snapped the mains stop rooster handle off. There is still enough to use with grips and turn however since snapping it off it’s also leaking from the top (around the gland nut).

So, I can turn the water off in the street to either replace or repair the stopcock but I’m struggling with knowing what to do.
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Initially I was planning on buying a replacement of the same size of this broken one and simply unscrew using the compression fittings and fit the new one - however it looks like the points where the tap is connected to the pipework is wrapped in something (possibly even concrete).

So the alternative is to find an exact replacement and swap out the gland nut and handle etc….

Does anyone recognise this set up? What would you do in my situation?
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ERR! is that a lead mains pipe?
you will need to excavate and fit a philmac or lead-lock on it or new mains to boundary cok.
if not. repair leak then fit new tap further up onto copper pipe.
i doubt you will source a tap same as in picture as it will be imperial.
incidentally, the gland nut will probably stop dripping when its opened back up and this is where you permanently leave it.
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just scratch the bulbuss part with a stanley knife. it will be soft and shine silver colour.
As said- new mains supply if funds permit or insurance. lead is safe if left untouched as it has calcified over the years perhaps an 80 year old + property?
It looks as though its half concreted in and any disturbance can be a nightmare if it ruptures.
The 'fix' i would conduct is to follow the pipe up to copper 15mm and fit a stopcock there. Then when you reinstate the mains and open up the old tap again it will normally stop dripping at the stuffing gland that is leaking but be observant and gentle!. it drips because the calcium build up has been disturbed around the spindle that has slightly corroded. Usually it will stop dripping gradually (if not- then liquid metal around it if not leaking badly) That would be a decent repair for now. The old stopcock is then left permantly open only using the new stopcock for shutting of the mains then it should serve well for a long time.

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