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By Yuri
Hi all , I am having a direct unvented hot water cylinder fitted by a plumber to run 2 sinks and a shower , I know I have to use a balanced cold water supply back from the cylinder to the sink and shower mixer taps , can I also run the balanced cold water to supply to the toilet?
Or would I be better to used a unbalanced from the main ? Or won’t it matter either way ?
Only reason I am asking is I am trying to get as much prep work done before the plumber starts and and I will need to drill some holes through walls .
Thanks in advance
personally i would be favouring an Ariston under sink 15lt and electric shower. ... 5ltr/2371g
But then size and needs will be the factor and you have not stated what size and supply requirements you will be needing so not sure really!
Hi I am actually changing from a Ariston under sink heater in the kitchen and a 12kw redring powerstream heater that ran the shower and a bathroom sink ,,,
While the ariston was great and never had any problems with it for many years ,,,
The redring has been replaced 3 times in 4 years and was a pain to get the temp in shower right ,, ,,
While getting a full refurb on the property we decided to go with a bigger version of the ariston,, we will be using a gledhill 120liter direct unvented cylinder for the shower and bathroom & Kicthen sink , it’s just me and my wife and we shower daily and dont have a bath in the property.

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