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By des8686

I'm wondering if anyone could help me diagnose what this noise could be. I'm sure it's coming from next door. I've been round and he can hear it too. It's proving difficult to isolate where the noise is coming from.

It happens like clockwork, every morning at pretty much the same time, and every 4 seconds. It goes on for a while. During this time I don't have my boiler on and I'm not using any water, and haven't done all night.

Also, I had a brand new boiler put in about 6 months ago. Next doors boiler is a Potterton Powermax HE and is 16 years old. I know this as it's the same one I got replaced.

I've attached a video with the noise

Thanks in advance.
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if you can rule out hot water pipes expanding/contracting after useing hot taps or emmersion off.
then it is a drip going into a waste pipe, ie, a dripping tap with a dry 'u' bend or 90deg elbow or tundish blow off pipe.

had it before and was the latter,

Also, check your roof aerial hasnt broke and swinging against the chimney :lol:
By des8686
Also, would the fact I'm hearing it first thing in the morning having not used any source of water for 8 hours plus suggest that it was infact coming from next door?

My only thought is the noise seems to be louder on the wall in-between our houses, rather than near the outside wall. It's so bizarre!
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ask next door if its possible to shut down their boiler one night so no hot water or heat cycling occurs and check then.
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