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By vazov

I would appreciate your advice. I would like to turn my bath 180 degrees. I need to extend the current pipes with about 1.5 meters.

I am attaching photos of the existing piping, which is polyplumb. The white wastewater pipe appears to be 40mm, however its walls are slightly thicker than the new 40mm wastepipe I got.

I have tried with flexible tap connectors however there are leaks.

Could you please advise what the best way would be to do this? I have very little plumbing knowledge.

Note: I have received two quotes from plumbers to do the job for me, one is for £180, and one for £280.

Thank you.
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best advice! get a plumber in.
a bath is next most difficult to fit than a boiler, get it wrong and you will end up with a lot of damage.
There is a lot to fitting a bath:
re enforcing the floor
correct hieght and levelling sturdy fixing to the wall or it will move.
not all pipe fixtures are the same or interchangeable
40 gallons of water and a peron above your head!

£180 sounds like an average price, i would go with that.
By SimonG
Difficult to say without a picture further back. Signs of solvent weld but the compression tee indicates a possible miss match on the wastes.

For me £200 would see it sorted and the pipework hot, cold and wastes sorted out.
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vazov wrote:
October 11th, 2020, 4:06 pm
Hi all,

In its original state, it is not leaking from anywhere.

When I tried to extend the existing pipes using flexible tap connectors, it was leaking from the connection points.

Thank you all for the replies, much appreciated.
were they compression? did you use inserts?

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