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By diydawn
We currently have a combi oil boiler. Heat exchanger gone so getting replacement. Have heard that combi oil boilers are prone to break down-and our last two certainly have. We were wondering about having a heat only oil boiler and then having an lpg or electric instantaneous water heater fitted separately. With the last option we could have the heat source much nearer kitchen for heating the water. We only need to heat water for bathroom sink/kitchen sink (but have dishwasher too) and once in blue moon baths. We already have an electric shower.
What do you think? Should we just go with the simple option of replacement combi boiler or not? Are combi oil boilers less reliable? We are thinking of a Grant combi. Thanks lots!!
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Evening Dawn and welcome to the forum,
Don`t know a thing about oil boilers myself but do know from past comments that most of the guys that do work on them don`t like oil combi`s. We have a few guy`s here that do know their stuff so I`ll put a call out.
@Best and @ SimonG, anybody around tonight?
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By Best
Hello Dawn. I install and service oil systems and absolutely hate combi oil boilers.
They certainly need very regular and quality servicing to keep them operating well with less problems.
You say you only need hot water at a basin and kitchen tap? Your dishwasher probably only uses mains cold water as they heat the water.

I would always try to use a heat only oil boiler. Personally I like the Grant Vortex.

Also consider a small unvented cylinder for your hot water

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