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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
By sunnybob
I have a6 year old baxi luna 3 condensing boiler. I need a new pressure gauge.
Any one able to point me towards a supplier? The guy who fitted no longer works and there are no on island suppliers.

The diagram shows 2 options, one with a push in connector, and one with a large nut. I have the large nut version.
By sunnybob
baxi plate.jpg
baxi plate.jpg (243.42KiB)Viewed 2808 times
baxi gauge.jpg
baxi gauge.jpg (165.9KiB)Viewed 2808 times
baxi gauge conn..jpg
baxi gauge conn..jpg (243.4KiB)Viewed 2808 times
I cant find exact part numbers on the web, most of what I can find does not have a picture.

The gauge has stopped working. While bleeding radiators I reduced the pressure to nil, but the gauge still showed what it is now.
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thats a propane boiler. where are you Canary islands?
the best place would be to contact wolesley parts center and they will get anything otherwise baxi direct- but thats in the u.k for us.

part 169 on here: ... -_eng_.pdf

Also it looks like a the u.k baxi/duotec GA type fit & diverter valve where the nut attaches, of the same age
BAXI JJJ009951830
By sunnybob
Cyprus. We have our very own "Cyprus mix"of propane and butane.
I have UK family happy to bring me parts as soon as Cyprus allows UK airplanes to land again.

I'll try to get in touch with wolsely thanks.
While youre here, when I get a reply message from this site, all the hyperlinks are bad. They are blended into the wording and I have to look up the site and chase the threads.
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