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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
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Hi All,

Following on from the helpful posts I received my other post about my new boiler KW rating and aereator and expansion vessel enquiry, I am now wanting to canvas opinion on the Thermostat controls.

I've had 4 things suggestions:

* Google Nest
* British Gas Hive
* Salus (IT500 I think)
* Ideal's own Wireless RF/internet thermostat

From what I understand so far, if you have a "smart thermostat" such as the Hive or Nest, you dont need the weather comp feature installing for the boiler, as they are internet enabled they can ascertain what the ambient temp is (maybe not 100% accurate I suppose but close enough perhaps).

I don't currently have any other smart devices such as smart bulbs or smart TRVs etc etc, so hive or nest might be a bit overkill, but I might add some bulbs in the future.

The existing thermostat location is not ideal as its in the hallway, which is like an arctic winter at most times of the year. So it never really ever gets up to temperature, and therefore my old Ideal Classic is running at full pelt pretty much the whole time the heating is on in winter, only briefly pausing to cool down for a short time, before it ramps up again. In this regard, I would hope a smart thermostat actually located in the living room might be more useful and effective.

Anyway, opinions and real world experience is welcomed!
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not got into the wifi controls much myself as i only repair boilers nowadays.
the last one i did fit though was with the salus t500 which solved the issue of not being to fit the weather compensater other than a south facing wall (terrace property) along with thermostats.
the salus seemed a nice bit of kit albiet on the budget type side.
Your radiators sound like they are ot ballanced properly as the hall rad normally without trv on it should be hottest rad in the house central to the property.
By SimonG
Not a big fan of the wi fi controls.

Had a salus it500 that I got to review. Did the job, could turn the heating off when at work whilst the wife was home and the temp about 24. She soon learnt how to over ride it.

I've since fitted the unit for a customer who is retired and in and out the house with no set pattern. Also spends a lot of time travelling, virus allowing, so wanted to be able to turn off the heating when setting off and then kick it in on the train coming home.
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