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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
Hello - it’s just as the thread title says really. We have 19 radiators, some of which work better than others and after a bit of research before we call anyone DH figures out a power wash would be best so it was no surprise when British Gas said the same. It was also no surprise considering the number of radiators when the price they quoted was £1500 and tho we know local people could do it cheaper we accepted that would be the price for them to do it and authorised the work.

Two or three days ago I get a call from the engineer, who I felt at the time was eyeing up what he thought of the place, saying that British Gas had just had a ‘roundtable’ and decided they no longer do power washes on plastic pipes as they can’t do a life time guarantee so the most obvious solution would be to have all the pipe work replaced with copper. God knows how much that would cost and I can’t see anything about these new T&C’s on the BG website.

My instinct is he’s getting greedy and looking to upsell to even more expensive work. Has anyone else heard of this new ruling? It just sounds massively opportunistic to me...
quite frankly- rubbish!
get a quote of an independant powerflush company. shouldnt cost more than £750 ish.
most new houd=ses are plastic piped so there cutting their own throats with that and as always well over priced and pickey.
unless its something to do with your boiler or bad pipe work!

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