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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
By Cantercrow
Good Day,

I need to replace a radiator in the house I have just moved into but having issues understanding how to turn the water off while I do the work, in my old house there was a water tank in the loft which I disabled, drained the system, replaced the radiator then refilled the system again and blead the radiators.

In my new house there are no water tanks in the loft just the boiler so assume it heats the water when needed and pressurized.

Is it a complex job to replace a radiator for this system? I have attached some photos of the system.

20210105_135338.jpg (117.22KiB)Viewed 595 times
Pipes.jpg (140.52KiB)Viewed 595 times
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hi, turn these 2 taps off and put boiler into hot water only mode (you will still be able to get hot water)
drain down the heating system at lowest point drincock.
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