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By Fortnite19
hoping to get some advice about what type and size of boiler to get to replace current boiler.

Property was built around 2000.

Currently have a magflo cylinder upstairs and an ideal classic boiler in the garage.

Should I go for a replacement systems or heat only boiler? What are the adv and disadv of both for this type of property? What size boiler as have been quoted for 18 khw and 24/28/30?

Is it worth getting a combi? What's the best place to place it as being quoted almost a grand to replace in garage. Have no utility room and don't want it in the kitchen. Could it be placed upstairs where the cylinder currently is?

Many thanks as it's an expensive replacement and want to get it right
By joni os
As you have a magflo cylinder there will be no advantage installing a combi, which would require extra Kw just to give acceptable flow rate of hot water. 18Khw heat only, 90% efficient, should be adequate for a 4 bedroom house.If not spend money on insulation rather bigger boiler. 18Khw will also heat 360 litres of water in an hour.Divide capacity of tank by 360 will indicate time required to bring water up to temperature. eg 120 litre tank will reheat in 20 minutes.
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