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By Best
Got a wee job that I really had no time to waste on, as too busy.
Sorted it and then had to just tighten the back nut on a tank fed basin tap. The Speedfit tap fitting onto copper pipe began leaking badly when I turned the tap.
Pipe was full into the Speedfit fitting, yet water pees out of it.
Not my work (I only use copper) and is a lot of years old.
Lost me a couple hours sorting it. :(
Complete tat and to think that is supposed to be one of the better push fit brands.
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By Best
REDSAW wrote:
February 5th, 2019, 9:13 pm
had quite a few of them, they dont like being disturbed. was it the rubber?
It was copper pipe into a Speedfit tap connector.
The copper was corroded where it was inside the fitting, as it normally seems to be. I asssume the corrosion is due to reaction between the metal gripper teeth and copper pipe.
I guess the rubber got damaged when I turned the tap and therefore the fitting.
Not very resilient, are they?
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Always seem to be the council around here that fit them.
have probs most of the time when i see them and usually stick a flexi on rather than faf about on the in and out jobs.
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Best wrote:
February 12th, 2019, 1:34 am
I just replace the plastic tap fittings with copper fittings, but usually needs repipe in copper, bending offsets etc.
I like that copper pipe lasts well and helps holding taps from turning
On basin pairs of taps I still use nuts and olives to join to suitable taps.
all good when time and money is there i/e- new basin refit.
most of my stuff is in and out in an hour though- tennanted propertys
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By YorkshireDave
Just stopped using it myself now. What people have to remember is that the o-rings will not only deform (become D shaped) over time but also begin to break down and literally stick to, especially, copper pipe. When they are disturbed they can tear or be disturbed and so leak...

If you move them frequently though they will stand much more movement as they don't then stick to the pipe. Copper all teh way :D

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