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There are loads of people searching for shower door rollers online
most find it difficult to source a set of rollers for a shower door, usually because of a couple of factors:

1, they bought the shower enclosure from somewhere like B&Q Homebase or Wickes, these companies sales model is to commission a quantity cheap goods from the far east and sell high!
they use a sales pitch of 'when its gone its gone' purely on the fact the items are a one off batch supply and wont be able to offer spares-when there gone.

2, the search words people use when desperately searching for such a trivial item as the shower door rollers, in order to repair what may have cost £1000 or more, are on the lines of 'shower door rollers' and will return little results of suppliers using a google search.

the key to a successful search is to use the words 'tub rollers' into the search bar and it will return the best results.
using the picture option to display results will enable quick identification of the shower door roller set required.
there are several suppliers for these 'generic' items if you know where and how to search using the right search words. :)

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