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By dig
Hello all,

My wife and I have recently purchased our first house in Edinburgh (move in date 6th dec hopefully) and I have been working hard to get a plan done for a diy manifold. My SketchUp skills are a bit rusty. I shall do a complete refit of the bathroom, I plan to do it all myself bar the electrics and boiler connections. The bathroom floor is 2m x 2m.

The boiler is a combination boiler but unsure if it is a condensing type or not. It is around 10 years old as informed from the owner. Don't have a pic or access unfortunately till the 6th. Located on the ground floor and serves the ground floor kitchen, 1st floor bathroom and the radiators on both of those floors. I plan to do the bathroom to begin with and want to put in underfloor heating along with a towel radiator on the hot water line so it runs all year round.

It not complete yet but I have attached a PDF in a zip file with a schematic drawing and sizes etc and was just hoping for some feedback. I have more pages but the file is too big, will compress and add them once have some more time

I am interested in making the manifold system which is constructed from 22mm copper leading onto pex connections for all pipework throughout the home. 22mm for DW, WM shower and hoses. 15mm for the rest, including central heating. Have put a shutoff valve and drainage for each line. Her e is the place I got the idea from. ... -manifold/

Thanks for reading and will try to reply asap , I have a needy toddler in the house to look after 24/7!
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why do you want to use 22mm, is the bathroom on 3 floors up from bouiler?
i am wondering if your existing boiler could keep up with hot supply and give enough pressure!
By dig
Hi Redsaw, thanks for your reply.

Do you mean for the shower? It shall be a combo of 22mm and 15mm depending on the outlet. 22mm for DW, WM shower and hoses. 15mm for the rest.

The house is a 2 story mid terraced, boiler is on the ground floor and serves just one floor above it. About 3m head.
Do you think I would need an extra pump to supply the system?


YUP! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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