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By Modestas

I have 2 rooms where I do not spend much time in... one of them is like a storage room. and other is like a room where I keep my wet laundry for drying (leaving window slighlty open all the time).

both of the rooms have gas based heaters (central heating based). to save gas I am thinking to keep these heaters off all year round. is it a good idea?

I wonder, would it not affect pipes in a negative way? and also would it not affect carpets, walls (especially in the room where wet laundry is kept) if there was no heating all year round all the time?

thank you for any comments.
By Modestas
thank you for the comments. I dont wanna tart a new thread, so I thought I would ask one more question related to the central heating. is it a good idea to turn the boiler off when leaving the house and turn it on when coming back home? I mean to keep it on only while being at home, cause I do not see a point of heating the house while Im away for 9 hours.
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By Best
In winter weather definitely leave the heating on for a couple of on/off periods each day and turn wall stats to low temperature if you wish the heating to only come on in extremely low temperatures.
If wall stat set at 15 degrees the heating will not come on much.
Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) you could set at number 2 or 3 max to keep any unused rooms heated a little in winter

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