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By awestaway
Hello all, I'm a keen and competent diy'er in need of some help and advice, i have installed underfloor heating in our extension, i have laid the pipes, and fitted the manifold, now it gets more complicated :!: I would like to create a 2 zone system in our house, one zone for UFH and one for the Rads. I understand that i will need two x two port valves, one for each system both controlled by a independent thermostat. Now this is where i am lost, our UFH Manifold is situated around 10 meters from the boiler, so my first question is where to install the valve ? i am guessing i should Tee of the flow by the boiler and insert both of the valves next to the boiler, but i have seen advice that says to install the 2 port valve next to the manifold, after this i am on to the electrics which are really really confusing, again i understand there will need to be two control boxes, one for each system, would that mean i need to run a cable from the UFH two port valve to the control module next to the manifold and then a second cable back to the boiler ? thats a lot of cable i place the two port valve next to the boiler. Very long mutlible question but i really would appreciate some help, this project has brought me close to tears !! Cyber pint to anyone that can help, :P

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