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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
By Jeremyb
I have an old but good Trianco EuroStar 50-60 (S) oil fired boiler with a Riello RBL G5 BF burner which has been well maintained and regularly serviced by me. I am not a professional but have a reasonably good working knowledge of the boiler and acces to a Brigon test kit.

I am recently finding that when it's cold the burner is taking quite a long time to establish a flame. It will ignite for several seconds, stop, re-ignite and so on for a period of several minutes and multiple re-ignitions before the flame is permanently established. It does not lock out. Once everything is warmed up it will establish a flame immediately.

I fitted a new Danfoss nozzle last July during the annual service. The oil pump is a little noisy but the pressure is running at the specified 70 psi. The two oil filters are clean. No water in oil tank (tested with water finding paste). I haven't used a combustion analyser or smoke pump for some time but the flame looks about right.

Before I take a closer look I will appreciate comments on possible causes of the problem. I'm considering the photoelectric cell, the oil pump solenoid coil or possibly the control box.

Any comments much appreciated. J.
By Jeremyb
Thanks Simon. My error regarding the oil pressure. It is in fact the specified 110 psi. I think - but not certain - that I have identified the problem. During the very wet weather while the boiler was inoperative for a number of hours, rain had been entering the air intake in the balanced flue. When the boiler fired up there was heavily moisturised air being drawn in and this caused the problem of establishing a flame. (There is slight fall from the airbox to the outer end of the flue).

I was able to do a test yesterday having been out for 7 hours with the boiler not operating. In recent times it would have had a problem firing up but everything was OK. I think this is because we've had 3 days without rain. Time will tell! J.

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