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By Stebbo
Hi all,
I've just introduced myself in the new members forum and hope someone out there can n help ?
I'm about to replace an existing radiator in the bathroom with a dual fuel towel rail and wonder if there is a preferred connection ? The towel rail is the 'ladder' type and I understand the bleed valve goes in the opposite vertical tube to the electrical heating element. What I need to know is which side do I place the TRV and which side do I connect to the feed from the boiler ?
Hoping someone out there can help.
By Stebbo
Thanks Craig, I guess that's all I need to know. I just wasn't sure if there might have been a combination that would create problems ? It's good to know that the heating element goes on the return side. I don't think the towel rail has a flow and return.
Thanks again. Looks like that one of tomorrow's jobs sorted.

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