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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
By Steve Howell
Changing from a system to a Combi. Was wondering if it’s worth replacing the old microbore pipes fully at the same time. Will be changing radiators room by room and wondering if that is enough.
Also what price would I be expecting to pay to replace the microbore pipes? I have a 4 bed detached home for reference.
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Well, you wont be changing to a combi, you will be having a complete new heating system installed-boiler-rads-pipes!!
floor boards up joists chopped out riser and droppers system controls etc.

thats a one man weeks work for a 3 bed £800 ish for me plus £150 per rad. if you already have a pressurised small bore system and its working fine then wheres the benefit of larger bore costs?
By Steve Howell
Thanks for the reply.
Just moved in to the house and previous occupants neglected almost everything. The system boiler we have in now is 19yrs old and was not regularly serviced.
Wanting to move to new Combi but as you pointed out I would maybe need to replace the entire system.

Would it be possible to ask for a ball park figure? Have a 2 story 4 bed detach, 12 rads, 1 shower (en-suite) and 1 bath.

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