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RPM wrote:
March 24th, 2021, 8:31 pm
I am using the Stanley shoulder bag, two large sides which can be opened seperately or both, might not suit you but worth a look.
Stanley tool bags definitely have a good range and are very good value. I have 2 large Stanley tool cases. They do have some wear and tear now though.
The vertical tool storage of Veto or Velocity bags looks excellent. But typically £150 - £250
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got loads of tool carriers of one type or another, nothing flash from the norm or expensive. still a fan f my bass bag :D
i also find the customer pays me to find the tool required in one of the tool carriers somewhere lol
if i were getting pushed by an employer or too much work to get to then i could understand streamlined efficiency at £200 but as it is let my customers pay for reasonable time :lol:

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