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By Trytodiy81
Hi all,
Shower was installed 3 years ago when I bought this place. A combination of below average workmanship and poor tiles (didn't get same batch numbers) has left me disappointed with the ensuite.

Ideally, I'd get it re-tiled, but I fear this will be very expensive, and possibly mean I'd have to buy new shower bits (?)

What I'm thinking is removing the grout, and painting over the tiles. Should really improve it. A few questions:

- is it possible to remove grout without breaking tiles? A plumber told me he wouldn't touch the job
-if so, best tools to do it for a novice DIYer?
-what is best paint to use? Any tips?
-should I paint over new gout, or would grout in a different colour, e.g. white or dark grey (to contrast light grey tiles) be best?
-any other advice, important things I should know before getting myself into this?

Thank you all, appreciate your help.
20210724_064824_compress1.jpg (275.63KiB)Viewed 848 times
20210724_064833_compress32.jpg (263.17KiB)Viewed 848 times
20210724_064853_compress27.jpg (237.47KiB)Viewed 848 times
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i wouldnt paint them as theres no guarentee it will last before flaking off. i am stalling doing the same in my kitchen!
a multi tool and carbide disc is quick and easy to remove the grout taking care not to chip the glaze.
i cant really see what you dont like in those pics, unless it is the quality of tile glaze showing in the grouted edges? - run some more grout over top and see if its better.
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